We are based in the heart of the Olympic East End. A few minutes walk from Stratford Station.

Venue:            Carpenters & Docklands Centre. Every Wednesday 7-9pm

Address:         98 Gibbins Rd, London E15 2HU

Phone:            07947 409001

Term Dates:  18th July - 22nd August 2018 / 3rd October - 12th Dec 2018

Why not Pay Online

Hassle free and receive a 20% discount on our 10 week term for only £80. Pay online, it's quick and safe. You must first attend a free taster session in order to be eligible to pay for Reggae Choir sessions.


  What Can You Expect?

  • Weekly workshops

  • Access to resource material

  • Access to songs and lyrics

  • An instant social environment

  • Committed and passionate teachings

  • Performance Opportunities



(bring I.D)


* Note: To be eligible for the concessionary price you must bring the suggested proof of ID; when attending your first Reggae Choir taster session


Carers allowance

  • Proof via council letter head (less than £95pw earnings)

  • Signed agreement on council letterhead from council leisure department

Housing Benefit

  • Current Housing Benefit entitlement letter

Income Support

  • Giro Cheque

  • Current entitlement letter

  • Bank statement showing payment

Job Seekers Allowance

  • JSA card

  • Current entitlement letter 


  • Current entitlement letter

  • Freedom Pass

Full Time Student – Further Education(15+ hours p/w)

  • Current enrolment letter or NUS card

  • Or letter from College or University

Working Families Tax Credit(eligibility threshold is annual household earnings of £16,000 or less)

  • Letter from Inland Revenue, with a breakdown of benefit received


  • Proof of date of birth

  • Freedom Bus Pass.